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Stacking Incidentals view of installation Portland UK

Stacking Incidentals, installation on the Isle of Portland, Dorset UK, 2009

Claudia Kappenberg is a performance and media artist. Her work borrows from the everyday, appropriates, recycles and remakes, to combine the past and the present, the real and the virtual.

Performance Interventions consists of minimal choreographies. Constructed as ritualistic activity or repetitive loops the works challenge one system by creating another, disturbing established patterns and displacing the conventional.

Claudia completed an MA Fine Art/Film and Video at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 1998 and taught on the BA Fine Art until 2002.

Since October 2003 she is Senior Lecturer in Performance and Visual Art at the University of Brighton, UK.


Performances, screenings, installations and collaborations in Britain and internationally, most recently:




  • Push pull drag turn lift
    Anatum's Abode, London UK
    7th December 2012

  • A choreographic reading of Entr'acte
    SDHS Conference
    Philadelphia, US
    15-17th June 2012
  • Extreme Ironing
    Civil Partnership
    University of Brighton, UK
    17th May 2012

  • Fürstliches Vergnügen/ Royal Pleasures
    A White Market Performance
    KunstTREFFpunkt Darmstadt
    Darmstadt, Germany
    30th March-1st April 2012



  • Open Systems, paper for Symposio Pensar la Videodanza III, Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina Webcast:
    22nd - 25th November 2011
  • Cellophony, performance intervention at the University of Brighton Gallery, part of WHITE NIGHTS, Brighton UK. 29th October 2011
  • White Market /Trophies, performance installation by White Market for Vogelfrei 9, Schloß Kranichstein, Darmstadt Germany.June-September 2011
  • White Market/Cabbage Heads, performance by White Market and Lost Parade for the Soundwaves Festival, University of Brighton, UK, 15th /17th July 2011
  • White Market/Still Life with Cabbage, performance by White Market and Lost Parade for the Soundwaves Festival, University of Brighton, UK, 15th /17th July 2011
  • Words in Silence, video and sound installation in the old police cells below the Townhall, Soundwaves Festival Brighton, UK, 16th July 2011



  • White Market/ Market, performance intervention with market stall at the Klohäuschen Munich, Thalkirchner Str. 81, June 2010

  • White Market, performance intervention with market stall at grenzArt Performance Festival, Kirschau, Germany, May 2010

  • Architectures of Silence, video screening and skype performance in collaboration with Composer Jose Sanchez Verdu, for Spiritual/ Virtual, Hofkirche Munich, May 2010

  • What If… festival, collaborative curatorial project with Lucy Cash, Becky Edmunds and Christinn Whyte, at Siobhan Davies Studio, London, 7-11 April 2010.



  • White Market, performance lectures, events and workshops in Munich, October - December 2009.
  • Artist’s Residency, Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany, October - December 2009.
  • Lost Parade perform ‘Upon the Place Beneath’ as part of The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things at The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, June 2009.
  • Moebius, video 2006/2007
    CINEMOVES, touring Australia (Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Darwin), May 2009.
    INTERNATIONAL VIDEO DANCE FESTIVAL, Le Breuil, Burgundy, France, 2009.
    SANS SOUCI FESTIVAL OF DANCE CINEMA 09, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, US, March 2009.
    The Park Gallery, Falkirk Scotland, April 2009.
  • Bread Tools and Mittens, performance at S.C.U.M MANIFESTO DINNER, Chelsea College of Art, London UK, February 2009, and at Living Landscapes, University of Aberystwyth, Wales, June 2009.


  • A Day in a Life
    Internet-based performance at University of Brighton, part of Munich 850th Annniversary Festival. 19 July 2008.
  • Moebius, video 2006/2007
    DANÇA SEM SOMBRA 08, Lisabon, Portugal, 2008.
    BIENNIAL SYMPOSIUM ON ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY, Ammerman Centre, Connecticut, 2008.
    MONTAGE VIDEO DANCE FESTIVAL, FNB Dance Umbrella, Johannesburg, South Africa 2008.
    ART TECH MEDIA, Puerto de la Cruz, Teneriffa Spain 2008.



  • Extreme Ironing
    Performance intervention Oct - Nov 2007
    as part of Vogelfrei 7th Biennale Darmstadt, Germany.
  • Moebius, video 2006/2007
    'MOVES' Film Festival, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, April 2008.
    SCREENDANCE, Virginia Commonwealth University's Department of Dance and Choreography in Richmond, Virginia 2007.
    ART TECH MEDIA, Madrid Spain 2007.
    VIDEODANCE2007, Athens/ Thessaloniki, 2007.
    AMERICAN DANCE FESTIVAL, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 2007.
    DANÇA EM FOCO, Festival Internacional de Vídeo & Dança, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007.
    OPEN SOURCE VIDEO DANCE, Findhorn, Scotland, 2007.
  • Walking Round, video 2007, screening to accompany live performance of Black intentions by Maki Ishii, for SCRATCH THE SURFACE, multimedia event at Brighton Fringe Festival, May 2007.



  • Long Wave, video 2006, screenings at
    Dance on Screen, THE PLACE, UK 2006 and'Dance on Screen On Tour', Italy 2006;
    REELDANCE, Australia 2007.

  • Flush, or the impossibility of moving towards an impossible goal, video installation for ‘Perspectives’, CHISENHALE DANCE SPACE UK, 2006.

  • Flush, site-specific performance for ‘News From Nowhere’, WILLIAM MORRIS GALLERY, London UK, 2005.

  • Muscle is Mind, video screening to accompany live performance of Arvo Part's 'Fratres', for Scratch the Surface, multimedia event at Brighton Fringe Festival, May 2006.
    Further screening International Dance-Video Festival, RIVOLI TEATRO MUNICIPAL, Porto Portugal,
    and at 'Attitude', CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY PUBLIC ARTS, Bitola, Macedonia, 2006.



  • Muscle is Mind, solo mixed media performance, as part of 'Perspectives', CHISENHALE DANCE SPACE , London UK, 2005.





  • The Disturbance of one System by Another, performance BRIGHTON FRINGE FESTIVAL May 2003.

  • Double plush, performance 291 GALLERY London 2003.



  • Flush, site-specific performance CENTRE D’ART EN ILE, Geneva, Switzerland 2002.



  • Aeolus, site-speific film/video installation ALDWYCH UNDERGROUND, London 2001.

  • Turbulence Magnétique, video conference ALBA UNIVERSITY, Beirut, Lebanon 2001.

  • Umbracadabra, performance at HAZIRA PERFORMING ARTS, Jerusalem, Israel 2001.




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