Performances and collaborations in Britain and internationally

Shore Variations, Coastal Currents 2018, The Printworks, Hastings UK

Video (35min), performance Julieanna Preston

A Space Without A Use (2018), Liquidscapes, Dartington Hall, Totnes UK

Performed by Andrew Downs and Claudia Kappenberg

A Space Without A Use (2018), Hastings Fringe, The Printworks Alley, Hastings UK

Performed by Andrew Downs and Claudia Kappenberg

A Space Without A Use (2017), Performance Arcade, Wellington, New Zealand

Performed by Andrew Downs and Claudia Kappenberg

Slow Races (2016), Hastings Fringe, Hastings Pier, Hastings UK

Performed by Andrew Barker, Kate Brown, Andrew Downs, Andrew James, Claudia Kappenberg, Katy Pendlebury, Yumino Seki

Slow Races (2016), Acts Re-acts 3, Wimbledon School of Art, London UK

Performed by Andrew Barker, Kate Brown, Andrew Downs, Andrew James, Claudia Kappenberg, Katy Pendlebury, Nic Sandiland

Slow Races (2015), St Leonards Warrior Square, St Leonards-on-Sea UK

Performed by Andrew Barker, Kate Brown, Andrew Downs, Andrew James, Claudia Kappenberg, Katy Pendlebury, Nic Sandiland

Slow Races (2014), De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill UK.

Including: Slow Races (Garden gnomes performed by Andrew Barker, Kate Brown, Andrew Downs, Andrew James, Katy Pendlebury, Nic Sandiland, Andre Verissimo), Scooter Murmuration, Bucket Race and All Human beings are Born Useless and Equal in Uselessness.


All human beings are born useless and equal in uselessness (2014)

Performed text. The General Assembly of Garden Gnomes calls for the human right to uselessness. Performed at:

Performing, Writing. Massey University, Wellington New Zealand (14/03/2017)

IDOCDE, part of ImPulsTanz, Vienna (29/07/2016)

The Network of Research, College of Arts and Humanities Annual Research festival, University of Brighton (11/07/2016)

Voila Mixed Tape, Cockpit Theatre, London (13/11/2015)

Biennale Vogelfrei 2015, Symposium im Darmstadtium, Darmstadt Germany (11/07/2015)

SOS Performance Art Faction, Unit 7 Enclave, 50 Resolution Way, London (2/05/2015)

Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham (February 2015)

Body and Space, Middlesex University London, UK (September 2014)

Neoliberalism and Everyday Life,  Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University of Brighton, UK (September 2014)

Labouring with no matter, Circus Street Market, University of Brighton, UK (July 2014)

Performing Process: Sharing Practice, Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), Coventry University, UK (June 2014)

Ludus Festival, Leeds University, UK (April 2014)

Flows ] Performance Space [ London UK (March 2014)

Symposium Monica Ross, University of Brighton, UK, (8 March 2014)


Difference between one who knows and one who undergoes (2013) 

Durational performance. A garden gnome celebrates her ornamental self and undertakes to do nothing. Performed at:

Site/Space,  Lime House, London UK (December 2013)

University of Roehampton, UK (November 2013)

Vogelfrei 10, Biennale Darmstadt, Germany (August 2013)


Honey Hat (2013), live performance as part of Fading, Anatumn's Abode, London Limehouse, UK.

Video, (2013) Duration 9'44''. Screening at Light Moves, Festival of Screendance, Limerick Ireland, 7/11/2014


Push pull drag turn lift (2012), performance, part of Fading, Anatum's Abode, London UK, 7/12/2012


White Market, a performance label which researches contemporary performance practices and marketing strategies for performance art. Collaborative project by Claudia Kappenberg and Dorothea Seror

Rose Royce (2013), part of One:One, Einstein, Munich, Germany. Curator Horst Konietzny.

Royal Pleasures/  Fürstliches Vergnügen (2012) performed by White Market with Anke Mey, KunstTreffpunkt, Prinz-Georg Garten, Damstadt Germany

Stillife with Cabbage (2011), performed by White Market and Lost Parade, Soundwaves Festival, Brighton UK

Cabbage Heads (2011), performed by White Market and Lost Parade, Soundwaves Festival, Brighton UK

Trophäen/Trophies (2010), interventions by White Market, Vogelfrei 9, Schloß Kranichstein, Darmstadt Germany (June - October 2011)

Swan Canal (2011), Piazza Arsenale, durational performance (3rd June) part of Infr'actions, Venice June 2011; also “(not) performing artist”, performance, Giardini (1st June); Open Situation, performance event with two founder members of Black Market (Tomas Ruller and Zygmunt Piotrowski), Piazza San Marco (2nd June).  

White Market Market Stall (2010) and Liquidation (2010) at the Klohäuschen, Munich Germany.

White Market Market Stall (2010) at GrenzART 1, Oberland Performance Art Festival, Kirschau Germany

Launch of White Market (2009), Performance lecture, at the Gasteig, Munich Germany.


Bread Tools and Mittens (2008)

Performance with tools baked of dough and mittens made of bread confine a body and challenge society’s imperative on the individual to produce. Performed at:

GrenzART 1, Oberland Performance Art Festival, Kirschau Germany (May 2010)

S.C.U.MDinner, Chelsea College of Art, London (February 2009)

Living Landscapes, Aberystwyth University, (June 2009)

Bodies in Motion: Explorations in Perception and Performance, Florida Atlantic University, Florida (December 2008)

Waldkunstpfad 08, Darmstadt Germany (August/ September 2008)


Upon the Place Beneath (2008)

Directed by Claudia Kappenberg and performed by Lost Parade. A performed sonic exploration of the entropic; The work brings together a collection of objects and materials from the everyday with a minimal choreography inspired by Beckett's insistence on the almost nothing. 

The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things at The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London (June 2009)   

Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin and Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Eire (Nov 2008)

Soundwaves Festival 2008 , University of Brighton, UK (June 2008)


Extreme Ironing (2007)

Durational performance. In a private garden autumn leaves are collected, ironed and redistributed. Performed by Claudia Kappenberg.

Soundwaves Festival, Brighton Station, UK (June 2008). Variation of Extreme Ironing: a probable but absurd ritual of ironing discarded newspapers for commuters. Performed by Claudia Kappenberg with Lost Parade.

The Contribution of Leaf Matter to the Weight of the Universe (2008), print/ performance documentation. Exhibited at Blumenkinder, Haus Mauermann, Darmstadt, 2008; Villa Waldberta, Munich 2008; Civil Partnership, University of Brighton, UK May 2012.

Vogelfrei 07, Biennale Darmstadt, Germany (27/10 - 11/11/2007)


Flush, or the Possibility of Moving Towards an Impossible Goal (2002) 

Site-specific outdoor performance, whereby two performers pursue an impossible goal; they scoop water from one side of a bridge and poor it into the other, whilst working in opposition to each other.

‘News From Nowhere: Visions of Utopia’, William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, London 2005; performed by Claudia Kappenberg with Jen Sanders

Controlled Democracy’, The White Space Gallery, London 2004; exhibited as video installation

Centre D’Art en Ile, Geneva, Switzerland 2002; performed by Claudia Kappenberg and Elgin Clausen


Composition of the Arbitrary (2004) 

Performance. An unpredictable pattern is created by a group of performers measuring their individual pulse as a basis for sitting, standing and clapping. Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Arts, London UK. 


Umbracadabra (2001)

Durational performance. Heavy metal eyelashes impede a performer from opening her eyes so that she can only negotiates a space through touch. Hazira Performing Arts, Jerusalem, Israel.


Zim-Zum in Taffeta (2001) 

Durational Performance. A body lies motionless on a wooden beam in a space while a video expands and contracts the space in the rhythm of her breath. Gallery Piano Nobile, Geneva CH.


Screenings and screen-based installations


  • Words in Silence (1998), video and sound installation in the old police cells below the Townhall, Soundwaves Festival Brighton, UK, 2011


  • Architectures of Silence (2010), video screening and skype performance in collaboration with Composer Jose Sanchez Verdu, for Spiritual/ Virtual, Hofkirche Munich, May 2010

  • What If… festival, collaborative curatorial project with Lucy Cash, Becky Edmunds and Christinn Whyte, at Siobhan Davies Studio, London, 7-11 April 2010.


  • Artist’s Residency, Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany, October - December 2009.

  • Stacking Incidentals (2009), video installation, a collaborative work with the Oolith Project as part of SEEING THROUGH STONE, exhibition at The Drill Hall, Easton Lane, Isle of Portland, Dorset UK.

  • Moebius (2007), screenings at CINEMOVES, touring Australia (Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Darwin), May 2009. ; INTERNATIONAL VIDEO DANCE FESTIVAL, Le Breuil, Burgundy, France, 2009; SANS SOUCI FESTIVAL OF DANCE CINEMA 09, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, US, March 2009. Screen-based installation The Park Gallery, Falkirk Scotland, April 2009.


  • Artist Residency at Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany, September 2008.

  • A Day in a Life Internet-based performance at University of Brighton with Australia, Brazil, Macedonia and Germany, part of Munich 850th Annniversary Festival, 19 July 2008. Artistic director Horst Konietzny, Munich, Germany


  • Moebius (2007) video/ screen-based installation. Screenings at AMERICAN DANCE FESTIVAL, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 2007; VIDEODANCE2007, Athens/ Thessaloniki, 2007; DANÇA EM FOCO, Festival Internacional de Vídeo & Dança, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007; OPEN SOURCE VIDEO DANCE, Findhorn, Scotland, 2007; INTIMACY ACROSS VISCERAL AND DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, Goldsmith University, London, 2007; SCREENDANCE, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia 2007; ART TECH MEDIA, Madrid Spain 2007; BIENNIAL SYMPOSIUM ON ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY, Ammerman Centre, Connecticut 2008; 4TH INTERNATIONAL DANCE FILM FESTIVAL, Yokohama Zaim, Japan 2008; MONTAGE VIDEO DANCE FESTIVAL, FNB Dance Umbrella, Johannesburg, South Africa 2008; DANÇA SEM SOMBRA 08, Lisabon, Portugal, 2008; ART TECH MEDIA, Puerto de la Cruz, Teneriffa Spain 2008.

  • Installation 'MOVES' Film Festival, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, April 2008.


  • Long Wave, video 2006, screenings at Dance on Screen, THE PLACE, UK 2006 and'Dance on Screen On Tour', Italy 2006; REELDANCE, Australia and New Zealand 2007.

  • Muscle is Mind, video screening to accompany live performance of Arvo Part's 'Fratres', for Scratch the Surface, multimedia event at Brighton Fringe Festival, May 2006.
    Further screening International Dance-Video Festival, RIVOLI TEATRO MUNICIPAL, Porto Portugal,
    and at 'Attitude', CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY PUBLIC ARTS, Bitola, Macedonia, 2006.


  • Duckcheck, video, screening at LA BATIE FESTIVAL Geneva, Switzerland 2004.


  • Dancing Dollies (1996), video, screenings at 'Prema Arts Centre,' Gloucester 2001; Jardin Solidaire, Paris, 2002; ASPEX GALLERY Portsmouth 2003


  • Aeolus (2001), site-speific film/video installation ALDWYCH UNDERGROUND, London.

  • Turbulence Magnétique, video conference ALBA UNIVERSITY, Beirut, Lebanon 2001.

  • Vieil Aller Vieux Arrets (2001), video installation for Reflections of the Floating World/ Japan 2001, touring Manchester, Darlington, Edinburg


  • Words in Silence (1998), video, screening at Biennale of the Moving Image, Gallery PIANO NOBILE,
    Geneva, Switzerland 1999; Hazira Performing Arts, Jerusalem, Israel 2001; SOUNDWAVES FESTIVAL 2011, in the old police cells below the Townhall, Brighton UK.

  • Leaving Home (1999), video installation, STANDPOINT Gallery, London UK

  • Journeys, an educational video project with the deaf community, CAMDEN ARTS CENTRE, London 1999, with screenings at TATE MODERN, LONDON 2000 AND THE NATIONAL FILM THEATRE LONDON 2003 and abroad.