If you had spoken

Durational performance 2001




The performer works with a text, an imaginary speech of Effi Briest from the book If you had spoken, Desdemona, by Christine Brückner. In this book the author has given imaginary speeches to mythical and real figures from history, whose words have not been handed down.

Effi Briest is the wide of a high ranking German politician at the time of Bismark, who reflects back over her failed marriage. She did not fit into the world of her husband and was not able to put into practice her own ideas. 

Taking on her fate the performer attempts to learn her speech in the course of the two days of the performance, and to perform it there and then. She fails, like her protagonist.


Performed at:

Solo Show, Gallery Piano Nobile 2001

10th/11th February 2001, 11.00 – 19.00hrs