Vieil Aller Vieux Arrêts

Video, 5mins, 2001

The title is the beginning of a poem by Beckett which could be translated as ancient goings, ancient rests.

The video consists of a cyclical and continuous moving on and towards, allowing for moments of respite but never giving a sense of arrival.

Shot during a Suzuki training session, an intense physical Japanese training method for actors, the video is composed of a succession of close-ups of the faces of the actors. The concentration and engagement in the task amalgamates in their faces to create an astonishing mixture of passion and desire, exhaustion, anxiety, stress and strain. 

Isolating the faces from their context through a tight framing as well as a reduction of details allows however for a more ambivalent reading of the material and points to the fine line between passion and violence and between dedication and fanaticism.



Reflections of the Floating World, Japan 2001

touring Manchester, Darlington and Edinburgh