Disturbance of one System by Another

Performance, 2003




Performance St John the Baptist's Church, BRIGHTON FRINGE FESTIVAL May 2003

Including the use of extracts from Wind and Widow, by Lê Thi Mây, published in  'A Map of Hope - Women's Writings on Human Rights' (Ed. Marjorie Agosin, Penguin 1999, p3)


The Brighton Fringe Festival 2003 coincided with the start of the Second Persian Gulf War (2003 - 11), which was ratified by the Uk Government despite considerable protest by the British people and people all over the world. The selected poem by Lê Thi Mây talks about the lasting consequences of war and its effects on women and children;

... wind elegiac wind

strands of hair from women who died in the bombing

strands of hair from widows who raised orphaned children

the war after ten years have passed.

(Wind and Widow, by Lê Thi Mây)