A Space Without A Use. Performance by Claudia Kappenberg and Andrew Downs. 8 - 11 May, 11 - 3pm daily. University of Brighton Gallery, Grand Parade. Brighton BN2 0JY. Admission free. This is a durational performance, come and go as you like.


Shore Variations (Video, 2018, 35min) Trailer 2min.

A collaboration with Julieanna Preston, NZ.

More info on Shore Variations


Welcome. Welcome to my work, which resist being work and seeks to make something from nothing, or indeed to make nothing whilst being something. Much of what you find here is therefore recycled as there is so much in what there is.

At the heart of this practice is an interrogation into that which makes us human.



Recent publications:

Kappenberg, C. The Use of Uselessness, published in Performing Practice, Sharing Dance and Choreographic Practice (Intellect 2018), edited by Emma Meehan and Hetty Blades

Kappenberg, C. Arrows Fly, published in Millets, an anthology and publication by Zeno Press, with essays by Richard Skinner, Maria Fusco, Steven J Fowler, John Boursnell, Liz Zumin, Paolo Inverni, Jeremy Evans, Robin Bale, Nicola Woodham, Claudia Kappenberg, Giovanna Coppola, Clover Peake, Tasha Haines, Christian Patracchini

Kappenberg, C. Too Much Self, published in Syncope in Visual and Performing Arts (Paris, Editions Le Manuscrit, 2016), edited by Stéphanie Jamet, Fred Dalmasso, Véronique Dalmasso. (See Amazon)

International Journal of Screendance online: special issue on “All This Can Happen” by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, edited by Claudia Kappenberg with Sarah Whatley, October 2016.



Screenic Rituals, paper for the Film-Philosophy Conference 2019, University of Brighton UK, 9-11/7/2019

A Cinechoreography of Communal Differences, paper for the International Screendance Festival Freiburg, Theater Freiburg, 5-9/6/2019.

FRAME RUSH, a two-day film festival of dance film, run by the postgraduate students of the world’s only MA in Screendance at London Contemporary Dance School, 15/16 March 2019

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