Shore Variations

Video (2018), 35min

Shore Variations TRAILER (2min)

Shore Variations traces a durational, 3-day intervention of performance artist Julieanna Preston, as she moves with the tide and along the water’s edge at the base of the Chalk Cliffs of Birling Gap, UK. The body relates to the tidal space through an intensely physical, haptic and contemplative dialogue, with the intention of probing what can emerge at the confluence of material bodies. A camera co-inhabits the space, equally travelling towards and away from the cliffs. Alternating between black and white and colour, the video invites different modes of looking and perceiving. The material conversation between body and site is thereby extended into a conversation between the real space and its mediation through images and sound.

Durational Intervention: Julieanna Preston (NZ)

Digital Project: Claudia Kappenberg (UK)


Screenings at:

Costal Currents, 2 and 23rd September 2018, 2-9pm. The Printworks 14 Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HE

Performing Ecologies, an interdisciplinary conference hosted by The Performance of the Real Research Theme, The University of Otago, Ōtepoti/Dunedin, New Zealand, 21 – 23 November 2018