Site-specific performance, duration 1hour at lunchtime over 4 days. First performance 2002.

Flush (2002), 'Unbemerkt in Genf', Centre D'Art en Ile, Geneva CH 

Also see installation 2004

Two performers engage in a ritualistic activity, which suggests an un-obtainable goal: they endeavour to scoop water from one side of the bridge and pour it into the other whilst working in opposition to each other.

The activity stands in a marked contrast to the sense of purpose and usefulness of the daily journeys of the passer-by.



WILLIAM MORRIS GALLERY, Lloyd Park, Walthamstow London UK

Performer Jen Saunders, Claudia Kappenberg


CENTRE D’ART EN ÎLE, Geneva, Switzerland, 2002.

Performers Elgin Clausen, Claudia Kappenberg


Flush (2005), Wlliam Morris Gallery - Lloyd Park, Walthamstow London UK