Video Installation, 1999 - 2000

Journeys, a commission by the Camden Arts Centre, London,  was created during a series of workshops and as collaboration between artists Anthony O’Flaherty and Esther Sayers and video artist Claudia Kappenberg.

Working with eight members of the deaf community, seven children of various ages and one adult, the project explored the notion of journey through the means of drawing, storyboarding, camera work and editing.

The project led to a split screen video showing on one side the personal journeys filmed by the participants and on the other the participants them selves signing their commentaries. 

Journeys was first installed at the lending section of Swiss Cottage Library, London, UK, as a silent projection: hearing members of the public were able to access the commentaries through headphones relaying spoken interpretations. It was subsequently shown at the Camden Arts Centre, and screened at several international film festivals.


29 Nov 1999 – 30 Jan 2000 Swiss Cottage Library, London, UK

16 May – 21 May 2000 Camden Arts Centre, London, UK



October 2000 5th Deaf Film and TV Festival, Wolverhampton, UK

November 2000 Star Auditorium Tate Modern, London, UK

July 2002 Deaf Way II, Gallaudet University, Washington DC

April 2003 Deaf in the Picture, Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam, NE

June 2003 London Disability Film Festival, National Film Theatre, London UK

September 2003 Dutch National Deaf Congress, Netherlands